Fall Watering 101

During the fall season plants and trees are starting to prepare for the winter and shorter days. To help them get ready, follow these simple watering tips to keep your plants thriving throughout the fall and strengthen them for the winter. 

Watering depends on temperature. It is only necessary to water when it is above 40 degrees Fahrenheit outside.

Timing is also vital. It is best to water your plants in the morning so any excess water on the leaves can dry up. This will help prevent any fungal problems. If you water when the sun is hot, the water could possibly evaporate before the plant has a chance to use it.

Watering depends on season. During the fall, most plants do not need as much water as they may have needed during the summer but they still will need some. Help them into a smoother transition into the dormant season by weaning them from weekly watering to every other week and then to monthly. It is especially important to make sure your Evergreen trees are watered sufficiently during the fall. Evergreens never lose their foliage and go into full dormancy so they will constantly be losing water during the winter.

Watering depends on plant maturity. Water newly planted shrubs and trees twice a month. They require more water than shrubs that have been planted for more than a year. Established trees and shrubs should only be watered monthly. Make sure to water deeply, around 1-2 feet deep, until ground freezes.

Pay attention to location. It is important to adjust any sprayers in order to only spray the plant roots.

Mulch is a beneficial addition. Applying mulch helps retain moisture and slow evaporation from the soil surface.