Benefits of Trees

Different trees have different pruning requirements but there are some basic similarities that can be discussed. One form of pruning should never be performed is known as “tree topping.” This involves large portions of canopy being removed. The process destroys the trees natural appearance and can ruin limb strength.

Other basic tree-pruning stipulations include:

Check the best time to prune according to your tree type.

Keep your blades and shears as sharp as possible in order to get solid, and not frayed, ends.

Sterilize your blades and clippers after each cut, especially when removing wood that is diseased.

When removing side branches, make the cut as close to the main stem as possible.

Use a “three-cut” method when removing large branches. Do this by first making a cut under the branch about 12 inches away from the trunk. Then, cut through the branch from the top at an inch or so from the first cut. Finally, remove the remaining stump just outside of the “branch collar,” the area of raised bark at the union of the trunk and branch.