Moisture PlusĀ® Potting MixMoisture PlusĀ® Potting Mix

Moisture Plus® Potting Mix

This premium all-purpose potting mix is formulated with advanced moisture crystals that absorb water and slowly release it as the plant needs moisture. This allows you to water your plants less often, while still maintaining evenly watered soil. Schultz® Moisture Plus® Potting Mix feeds for up to nine months and helps eliminate overfeeding and burning. It is great for indoor houseplants, outdoor containers, pots, bowls, hanging baskets, window boxes and planters.

Sizes Available

UPC - 742786912350, 742786912411

Size - 1 cu. ft., 2 cu. ft.

  • For all containers & hanging baskets
  • Slowly releases water as plants need it
  • Spend less time watering
  • Feeds up to 9 months