General Feeding Tips

Mother Nature feeds plants every time it rains, dissolving nutrients and distributing them evenly to all plants in your yard and garden. You can do the same every time you water, feeding with plant food. 

Plants feed at different rates depending on the soil temperature. That’s why it is important to use a specially formulated plant food to ensure the plant is effectively receiving the proper nutrients. 

Plant Food contain three essential elements for plants to grow and thrive; Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash. Nitrogen (N) is a major element in plant nutrition, promotion of rapid growth, leaf formation and greening. Phosphate (P2O5) is the source of Phosphorous (P), which is essential for a strong root system, brighter, and more beautiful flowers, and overall growth. It also hastens maturity and increases yield. Potash (K20) is the source of Potassium (K), which is a catalyst for many plant functions. It helps build stem strength, increases disease resistance, aids in photosynthesis, and increases root growth. Potassium also provides starches and oils, helps reduce water loss and wilting, and is necessary for plant protein formation.