Drought 101

It is common for late summer to become a season of drought. All plants need water in order to thrive and if they don't get enough, they will most likely become stressed and die. Providing water is an obvious solution to droughts, but sometimes it is not an option due to restrictions. There are other ways you can keep your plants happy until the rain returns.

1. Double up on Mulch

Mulch helps manage moisture levels in soil and will keep water from instantly evaporating. It will also protect your plant roots from drying out by guarding them from harsh sun rays.

2. Amend Native Soil with a Moisturized Mix

There are specific soils out there which will hold in moisture. If you find your soil is drying out quickly, it may be beneficial to add some soil that will help retain moisture.

3. Install Shade Covers

A lattice or an old sheet can almost instantly be turned into a sun guard. Just make sure your plants still receive the proper amount of sunlight necessary.

4. Watch for Bugs

During hot weather with little water, bugs can become an issue. Spider mites are a popular pest that tends to flourish in drought like conditions. Take proper precautions and treat infestation immediately. The sooner these pests are caught, the more likely you will save your plants.

5. Keep Veggies Picked

As soon as veggies may be ready for harvest, remove them from the soil. The longer they sit in drought like conditions, the more likely they are to become diseased.

6. Deadhead Flowers Often

The less fruit and flowers plants hold, the less water they will require to stay alive.