Mulch Maintenance

Mulch is a great soil cover because it retains moisture, moderates temperature, discourages weeds, and enhances the appearance of any landscape. Mulch is also natural and decomposes, which makes frequent maintenance unnecessary. Mulch maintenance is simple; there are only three things you need to do to keep your mulch lasting longer and looking great! 

1. Rake & Turn 

Mulch that sits still for long periods of time is apt to grow mold beneath the top layer. To prevent this from happening, it is important to rake your mulch and turn it over occasionally. After a while, the top layer of mulch will become stiff because mulch naturally compacts into the soil. By raking and turning your mulch, you allow it to breath and allow water to reach the soil much easier.

2. Manage Weeds 
Eventually mulch will start to lose its life and weeds may begin to form. At this time, it becomes necessary to pull or spray for weeds. Once again, before spraying or after pulling, you should rake and turn your mulch to freshen it up.

3. Freshen Up Color 
After a while mulch will start to fade and decompose. It is a good idea to add a fresh layer of mulch every year and blend it with your existing mulch. Make sure you don’t just throw a new layer on top of the already compacted old layer.