How To Feed Your Lawn

Feeding your lawn is crucial for overall health. A healthy lawn results in a lush and green appearance as well as strong root development. A strong root system helps fight heat, cold, drought, traffic and other seasonal stresses. To maintain a healthy lawn, it is recommended to feed 4 times a year. Stay on track by implementing a Lawn Fertilizer Program. This helps maintain timing and application of the correct and effective nutrients. 
Application: However you decide to fertilize, be sure to apply evenly to avoid burning the lawn (yellow patches) in areas. Also, always wear gloves when handling fertilizer. It is NOT recommended to fertilize in extremely hot weather. Find other great tips on our Lawn Improvement page. 

By Spreader: This is the easiest and most effective way to fertilize your lawn. The size of the spreader and the lawn determine the application rate. Follow the instructions on the fertilizer packaging for even distribution. 

By Liquid
: From the packaging, apply the directed amount to a watering can or hose-end feeder. This type of fertilizer is fast acting but will need to be applied more often. You are less likely to burn your lawn with this technique.

Should you decide to feed your lawn only once a year, fall is the best time for an application.