The Importance of Applying Fertilizer in the Fall

Fall is prime time for your lawn to recuperate from the harsh summer weather. Cooler conditions and plenty of rainfall help your lawn develop new growth. However, your lawn needs the proper nutrients in order to stay healthy and flourish. That is why applying fertilizer to your lawn in the fall is essential! It helps prepare your lawn for winter stress and helps promote early spring green-up. In addition, it gives your lawn a lengthened period of green color and increased resistance to disease and drought in the summer. 

The Importance of Applying Fall Fertilizer at the Correct Time
Your should put on your final application of lawn fertilizer in late October or early November—when the grass has stopped growing and doesn’t need to be mowed (the point where root growth is preferred over shoot growth), but 2-3 weeks before the ground freezes. Correct timing is imperative for best results. If done properly, fall fertilization provides better winter color of your lawn, quick spring green up, and a strong root system. 

The Importance of Having a Strong Root System Before Winter
As the cooler weather starts to occur, your lawn goes into its “dormancy” stage. This means that the top growth of the grass plant begins slow down and the root growth takes off. If your lawn has a strong root system going into the winter season, it will be able to withstand the stresses of winter, have a quicker green up in the spring, and become more resistant to disease and drought in the summer.