Why Use a Starter Fertilizer?

Most people wonder if a starter fertilizer for lawns is necessary or not. If you want to accelerate root growth, encourage vigorous root development, and reduce stress on new seeds then the answer is yes, it is necessary to use a starter fertilizer. Starter Fertilizers include high Phosphorus (P) levels, which promotes extensive rooting while Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K) help to green and strengthen the lawn. These nutrients will develop and strengthen the young seedlings so that they can grow into the beautiful, lush lawn you desire. 

You want to apply the starter fertilizer before you plant a grass seed. First, create the optimal planting area by loosening the soil and clearing any debris. If you have poor native soil, it is recommended to mix a Grass Seed Starter Soil into the top 2 to 3 inches. You’ll find that some lawn soils are formulated with a starter fertilizer. Otherwise if you have good native soil, add a starter fertilizer with the application rate found on the packaging. Once finished, begin planting your grass seed. For additional grass seed tips check out our article: Seeding Success.

As your lawn begins to establish, wait until your third mow before implementing a Lawn Fertilizer Program. This helps maintain timing and application of the correct and effective nutrients.