Make Your Lawn The Best

Evaluate & Improve Soil 

To strengthen your plants for the harsh summer weather, make sure to feed and nourish the soil with lawn food so they not only survive but also thrive. Learn how to classify the type of soil in your yard, what soil amendments to use, proper soil maintenance, and gardening tips.

Apply Lawn Fertilizer for Deep Greening 
Lawn Fertilizer helps maintain a healthy, strong lawn to fight off summer stress. For quick greening, try using a Lawn Fertilizer with Iron. Iron increases the potential for a thicker, greener turf. Iron also helps develop a deep root system, which prevents weeds from growing and creates an overall healthier lawn.

Apply Weed & Feed 
Weed and Feed kills the toughest weeds that can overtake lawns. It also provides lawns with consistent, extended feeding without burning.

Deep Watering 
Be sure to water deep enough to reach the grass roots. One inch of water per week is an ideal amount, but it is important to avoid soaking. Try our Lawn Improvement to confirm your lawn receives the proper amount of water. 

One-Third Rule 
To keep you lawn green and healthy after cutting, make sure you remove no more than one-third of the grass blade. If you cut the grass blades too short, you will stress out your lawn and it will become burnt out. For tips on mowing, check out our article: How to Mow Your Lawn.

Highest Acceptable Height 
When grass has long blades the roots will grow deeper. Deep-rooted grass will be more able to withstand drought and oppose pests and diseases. Ideally, you should not cut your grass shorter than 2.5”-3”. This way you don’t damage the turf and stress out your lawn. The size of the shoot equals the size of the root.

Sharp Mower Blades 
It is important to cut your grass correctly in order to reduce damage and increase its quality. Make sure your mower blades are kept sharp and clean to keep turf healthy all season long. Sharp blades provide cleaner cuts of grass, letting it recover from mowing faster. 

Change Up Mowing Patterns 
Alternate the directions in which you cut so that the grass clippings do not pile up too much. 

Add Edging 
This is an easy and inexpensive way to give your lawn a well-manicured look and give you a clean line for mowing and trimming.