Mow Your Lawn

Mowing is a job that can be timely and a burden. The following steps contain easy guidelines to ensure more efficient and effective mowing.

  1. Keep in mind, there is no set schedule for mowing your lawn. Temperature, rainfall, sun exposure and fertilizer application can all affect the growth of your lawn. Instead, follow the 1/3rd rule by only trimming 1/3rd of the grass blade with each mowing. It is recommended to keep your lawn longer during the hot, summer months to reduce heat and drought stress. It is best to mow your lawn during the evening when grass is dry.
  2. Make sure the mower blades are always kept sharp and clean.
  3. Switch up your mowing pattern regularly. This makes the cut even and creates a cleaner and more appealing visual.
  4. Unless your lawn is much taller than the recommended height for the variety, it is best to allow the grass clippings to fall back onto the lawn rather than being bagged. The clippings actually provide important nutrients to the grass and serve as a natural fertilizer. In fact, returning the clippings to your lawn adds about 1/3 of the yearly nitrogen needed to feed your lawn.
  5. Water your grass in the early morning, preparing it for a full day of sun.
  6. Be sure to fertilize your lawn with Specially Formulated Fertilizers. Feeding your lawn is essential for overall health. Stay on track by putting your lawn on a Lawn Fertilizer Program.