Late Season Lawn Mowing Tips

The end of November is here and winter is on its way, but there are still some last minute steps you can take to ensure your lawn is winter-ready. 

Keep mowing your lawn until it stops growing. (For most areas, this is around Thanksgiving.)

Keep your grass length at 2.5”-3” until the end of the mowing season (when you think you have a couple of mowings left). On the last 1-2 mowings, lower your mowing height to 2”. This allows sunlight to reach the crown of the plant, preventing less of the leaf to turn brown during winter, and significantly reduces the chance of your lawn being affected by disease or outbreak, such as winterkill or Pink Snow Mold.

Instead of raking up all of your leaves, mow them into your lawn every 3-4 days. They act as a natural fertilizer and improve the look of your lawn over time.

After mulching leaves with your mower, apply winterizer weed & feed. It will not only help break down the leaves, but it will give your lawn a quicker spring green-up.

Note: Proper grass height is imperative in order to keep your lawn healthy during its dormant stage. If your grass is cut too short “scalping” will occur, exposing your lawn to the harsh winter conditions. If your grass is kept too long, it can smother itself, which increases the susceptibility of your lawn to disease.