Early Spring Trees

Planting trees that bloom in the early spring add excitement and color to any landscape. It is the perfect sight after a long and hard winter to see a tree blooming with bright flowers. Here are some common trees that bloom in the spring. 

This is also commonly known as the Judas tree. It can grow up to 10-40 feet high and 25 feet wide. The flowers are petite and can be red, purple, pink, and white in color. They grow well near waterways and like full sun and light shade. Its hardiness zone is from 4-9. 

There are many flowering dogwood trees including the original and the Japanese. It produces dainty and fluffy shaped flowers that can be white, yellow, or pale pink colors, and can grow up to 20 feet high and 25 feet wide. Dogwoods are susceptible to disease so it is important to plant them in a location with good air circulation to ensure the foliage can dry well. It is best to plant in full sun and partial shade. Its hardiness zone is from 5-9. 

This is a small sized tree that produces white flowers contrasting against beautiful grey bark. They also produce a berry-like edible fruit. The tree grows well in full sun and partial shade and will reach about 20 feet high and 10 feet wide. Its hardiness zone is from 3-8. 

The crabapple comes in a variety of different colors including purple, pink, white and red flowers. Much like the Serviceberry it also produces an edible fruit. This tree is great when you want to welcome wildlife; it is appealing to many different species. It is best in full sun and will grow from 10-25 feet tall and wide. The trees hardiness zone is from 3-9. 

Empress Tree
There will be very little wait to see flowering out of this tree. The Empress trees grow very quickly and will be flowering during the spring in no time. They are very resistant to disease and insects and produce a purple flower with a sweet smell to it. The sun is vital to their growth so make sure to plant in full sun. The size will be from 30-40 feet tall and wide. Its hardiness zone is from 5-9. 

All of these trees can add beauty to the landscape. For optimum growth when planting, mix in a garden soil. This will give the trees the perfect growing media. Apply mulch around the base of the tree to keep the soil warm, prevent weeds naturally, and adds nutrients as mulch decomposes. Also make sure you water and fertilizer regularly with Schultz® granular fertilizer.