Garden Tool Storage

The key to keeping high quality garden tools that last a long time is care and organization. Preparing for the winter season is possibly the most vital time for maintenance. Follow these simple tips for best results. 

Shovels: Remove any debris from the shovel surface to prevent rusting. It is common for shovels to break around the handle. If this happens, you can reuse the metal part by sharpening it until flat and using as a chopping tool. 

Rakes: Clean out any leaves or debris from your rakes and wipe down. Be sure to store your rake in a way that the tines are straight and lack pressure. Hanging the rake is usually best. 

Saws: Clean the saw blade well with rubbing alcohol. If the blade is dull, sharpen it or replace it. Sometimes simply replacing the blade is more efficient and practical. Store in an area away from children, and be sure the area will not cause them to fall. 

Pruners: Clean with rubbing alcohol. Avoid bleach because it can pit or rust the metal. Pruner blades can be sharpened but do it slightly. If the edge is beveled, be sure to only sharpen the one side. Store away from children. 

Hoses: Wind up your hose while making sure there are no kinks. Detach from the water source and place them in a warm area to avoid freezing. 

Wheelbarrows: Place in a sheltered area or tilt them upward in order to keep water from settling inside. Allowing water to sit within the wheelbarrow for a long period of time will cause rust and will often cause the tires and wooden handles to rot. Keep the air pressure up in the tires and tighten all bolts and screws. 

Watering Cans: Clean out any water and wipe down well. Watering cans can often be brought indoors for use on houseplants. 

Additional Tips: 

  • Wooden handles can be varnished to protect them from natural weather 
  • Metal pieces can be coated with WD-40 
  • Creating some sort of organizational system with hooks and bins is beneficial 
  • Be conscientious when storing garden tools