Starting a Flower Garden

The idea of planting a flower garden can feel overwhelming, but with some consideration and planning, you can easily plant the beautiful garden you desire. Before you begin mapping out your area, there are a couple things to consider. 

The first step to growing flowers is selecting the location for your garden. In order to select the best location, it is helpful to have a good idea of the types of flowers and a good understanding of their personal growing requirements. You can find this information on each plant’s tag. Pay special attention to the light requirements, as no amount of TLC will help a shade loving hostas survive the summer sun, or make a sun-loving coneflower thrive in the shade. Be sure you find a location with a large enough area for your garden to grow. Plant and space out your flowers accordingly to allow enough room for when your plant reaches maximum growth and full maturity. 

After you choose a location, check the quality of soil. It is important the soil is not too sandy or clayey. For best results, add an Enriched Garden Soil to the top 6 inches of native soil. This will add nutrients and provide better drainage for the plant’s roots to thrive. 

Kind of Flower:

  • Annuals go through an entire life cycle in one season. It is best to put them in areas that can be changed year after year. They provide lots of colorful blooms year round. With that being said, they also require more watering and fertilizing than perennials. For short-term blooms, annuals are your quickest option. 
  • Perennials will continue to return year after year. Even though the flowers might die off in the winter, their root system will remain alive. Perennials may only bloom a few weeks or months during the year but they do require less maintenance than annuals. For long-term flowers, perennials are the best option for your money. 

Flower Choice:
Now you must decide the variety of flower and colors. You can plant the same variety in different colors or the same color with different varieties. For other ideas, see Plant Combination Ideas. 

Seed or Plants:

  • Seeds. There are many varieties of seeds available in stores and online making your options endless. Seeds can take a season or more before your flowers bloom, so you must have patience. 
  • Plants. If you start off with plants, you’ll see blooms within the season giving you an instant gratification. Depending on what your local store is carrying, your plant selections can be minimal. 

Now that you know your location, prepped your soil and choose your flowers, then let the planting begin! Follow the instructions with your flowers for best results. Enjoy!