Shrub Propagation

Most shrubs can be grown from stem cuttings taken from the parent plant. The timing and type of cuttings varies widely, though. For best chances of success, consult a nursery professional for the right time and best method for removing cuttings from your favorite shrubs. 

One of the easiest ways to grow a new plant from the parent shrub is to leave the stem attached to the plant. 

1. Choose a low-hanging stem and make a shallow wound 6-12” from the stem tip. 

2. Apply a rooting hormone to the wound, and then pull the stem down so it is in contact with the soil. 

3. Mound a little soil over the wounded area and secure with a brick or wire hook so it remains intact. 

Roots will grow from the wounded area in a few weeks to months. After they develop simply cut the stem at a point between the new roots and the parent plant, and replant your new shrub!