Benefits of Growing Herbs

There are many benefits to growing herbs. Not only do they look good and taste great, but they can also be very helpful when planted in or near gardens. Herbs are relatively simple to grow as well, so there are no excuses! Keep in mind, this list only includes a few of the many benefits of growing herbs.

  1. Fresh herbs are constantly ready for use. No need to drive to the grocery store or local farmers market, delicious homegrown herbs are right at your fingertips! They can be grown indoors as well for even better availability.
  2. Herbs can make a dull meal into a fantastic one. Herbs have a way of making many foods delicious; they allow for creativity in the kitchen. Even if you have picky eaters, adding certain herbs can enhance meals in subtle, but still unique, ways.
  3. Herbs are a good source of vitamins. Many herbs are packed with beneficial vitamins and nutrients. Not only are herbs themselves good for you, but getting outdoors and working hard is good for you as well. Helping something grow is a wonderful and relaxing feeling.
  4. Herbs add curb appeal. Landscapes without greenery aren’t very appealing. Herbs are easy to grow both in ground and in containers, which makes them a great plant for creative gardening. They also come in a variety of unique shapes and colors, making it easy to add contrast.
  5. Herbs protect gardens from harmful insects and animals. Check out the list below to see what each herb will ward off!

Basil - Flies & Mosquitoes

Bay Leaf - Flies

Borage - Tomato Hornworms

Catnip - Mosquitoes, Fleas, Beetles, Ants & Squash Bugs

Chives - Japanese Beetles & Carrot Flies

Dill - Aphids, Squash Bugs & Spider Mites

Garlic - Rabbits, Deer, Groundhogs, Aphids, Moths, Maggots & Snails

Hyssop - Cabbage Moths

Lavender - Flies, Gnats, Mosquitoes

Mint - Mice, Rats, Ants & White Cabbage Moths

Peppermint - Mice, Rats & Mosquitoes

Rosemary - Flies, Bean Beetles & Cabbage Moths

Rue - Japanese Beetles

Sage - Cabbage Moths & Carrot Flies

Thyme - Cabbage Worms

Tansy - Ants, Flying Insects & Japanese Beetles

Wormwood - Black Flea Beetles & Carrot Flies