Benefits of Mulch

Want to spruce up your landscape with a soil cover but not sure what to choose? Here is a list of mulch benefits that are bound to make your decision a little easier.

1. Retains Moisture

Mulch retains moisture within soil which means less watering for you, and overall healthier plants.

2. Moderates Temperature

Mulch keeps soil cool in the summer and warm in the winter so you know your plants are comfortable year-round.

3. Decomposes Nutrients

Mulch is completely natural, which means it decomposes nutrients over time and is not harmful to the planet.

4. Erosion Prevention

Mulch allows for an even landscape, which means even water settling and healthier soil.

5. Discourage Weeds

Mulch prevents weeds from emerging so your landscape will be better looking and easier to maintain.

6. Easy to Handle

Mulch is extremely easy to work with because it is lightweight and surface-level.

7. Protection

Mulch protects plants from extreme weather and lawn care tools such as mowers.

8. Completed Landscape

Without mulch, landscapes often look bare and unfinished. Mulch allows for an addition of color and is a very simple enhancement.