Plant a Tree

Trees should be planted during the spring for most tree species, followed by fall, and then summer. If you decide to plant during the summer, first take into consideration the amount of watering that you will need to do. Extra watering is vital during the hot summer weather. Choose the correct site for the tree, determining the amount of sunlight, shade, and space that it requires. Make sure that the planting location you choose has good drainage qualities. Level the site prior to planting the roots if it is necessary. Do not bury the tree roots in later-added soil. 

Amend soils with the incorrect pH levels as necessary. Add lime to raise the acidic level, and use elemental sulfur to lower the amount of alkaline. It is possible to improve the soil to the desired levels, but it is much easier in the long run to just choose a tree that will suit well within the native soil. 

Dig a hole. It should be a little less deep than the root ball but twice as wide. Angle the walls of the hole outward toward the top. When in place, the top of the root ball should be slightly above the level of the surrounding soil. 

Position the tree in the the hole. This should be done prior to removing the burlap or container. Remove the plastic pots by cutting and gently sliding it from beneath the tree. 

Amend your soil. This will improve the backfill. Add a rich organic compost or garden soil. Mix one part tree & shrub garden soil to two parts native soil for best results. Compost & manure can also be added.

Backfill the planting hole to the level of the top of the root ball. Slope the soil away from the trunk in order to level the surrounding soil. 

Create a 2-4 inch tall lip around the perimeter of the planting hole. This will act as a water basin. 

Fill the collective basin with water until the ground is loose and muddy in order to eliminate any air pockets. This is the best time to slightly re-position the tree if needed. 

Mulch around the tree in order to control weeds and to help regulate water amounts.

Water frequently until the tree is completely established, especially on hot and dry days.