Plant Combinations

When planting a garden, don’t be discouraged when it comes time to choose the plants and flowers. The numerous combinations can seem like an overwhelming decision. These ideas are sure to inspire any gardener and will help you narrow down your plant selections. 

For Beautiful Plants that Bloom at Different Times. Plant a combination of flowers based on their seasons. Choose flowers that bloom early, mid, and late seasons, this way the garden has something blooming the entire growing season. 

For Eye-Popping Focal Points using Colors. Use bursts of bright colored flowers surrounded by uniform shades. Mix and match the flower colors with containers and in-ground gardens to create a beautiful blend of plants. 

For Eye-Popping Focal Points using Shapes. Surround uniquely shaped plants with more commonly shaped plants. For a uniquely shaped plant, research one that does well in your climate. Otherwise, many plants can grow or form into a unique shape.

For a Uniformed Look with Color. Use the same species of plants but with different colors. Many flowers, shrubs, and plants come in many different shades. Plant different tones in the same area in a complimenting pattern for a more interesting garden look. For a subtler look, try planting the same species of plant in different hues of the same color.

For a Consistent Color with a Different Look. Plant the same color of plants but different species. Experiment with different leaf patterns, textures, and plant heights. The style provides a beautiful contrast while using the same color. 

Tip: If you are hesitant on pairing colors, consider using a color wheel to be sure they are complimentary.