Garden Protection

Pesky animals can potentially steal your vegetables and fruits you’ve worked so hard to grow. Inevitably, we must share the outdoors with these critters. If you currently have a problem, identify the intruder and learn about their habits. This will help you narrow down your plan of action. Otherwise, here are some prevention tips to stop these critters before they start! 

Burrowing Animals

To prevent animals from eating the roots of your plants, place a wire mesh under your garden before you start planting. Cut a piece of wire mesh the same dimension as your garden and place it approximately 3 feet into the soil. 

For more protection, dig a 3-foot trench around your garden. Use any type of fence and place into the channel. Use the original soil to fill the trench back in. 

Flying Animals

To prevent birds from attacking your garden, place a scarecrow or owl decoy within your garden. This is an easy and inexpensive way to scare the birds and keep them from landing in your garden. 

You can also use a netting to cover your plants. Be sure to use a lightweight net to drape over your plants. This is less harmful to the plant and can be easily removed when you are ready to harvest. 

Use a tall stake or tree to hang shiny ribbons around and within your garden. The reflection from the sun and sudden movements from the wind will easily frighten a bird as they fly by. 

Land Animals

Repellent sprays are effective and keep both bugs and animals away. Be sure to check and reapply when the repellent needs replaced. Make sure it is environmentally friendly and will not damage your plants. 

Plant Protection Tents or Hoops are a great way to protect specific sections of your garden. They are usually inexpensive and easy to construct. These are great temporary solutions that can easily be removed for mowing or during the winter months. 

Building a fence around your garden will always be an effective prevention method. For a seasonal solution, staple a mesh fence to stakes at every corner of your garden. This temporary barrier is effective and easy to take down at the end of the growing season. For a long-term solution, build a fence around the perimeter of your garden. If you are worried about deer, build the fence high enough they are unable to jump over.